Animation Sketchpad
An extremely fast hand-drawn animation application for Windows PC and MacOS. Designed by an animator, for animators with a focus on keyboard shortcuts and pen tablet as the main tools.
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Minimal UI ,hotkey driven workflow and simple feature set lets animators draw and animate at lightning fast speeds. Create line tests, animatics and full movies with ease and speed. Features like color fill below line, layout mode and MP4 export makes this an ideal tool for artists and animators across all skill levels.
Brush Tool
Single black brush with seamless tablet integration. Use pressure to alter line width with no complicated settings or controls.
Coloring mode allows you to paint and fill colors below black lines automatically ,with no complex layer management.
Layout Mode
Layout mode allows you to plan out keyposes or backgrounds seamlessly.Switch layout mode on or off to overlay with all the keyframes in the scene.
Fast Workflow
Select ,copy and paste between frames and scenes for easy object and scene animation.
Bundled Animations
Draw cartoon frame by frame. Make movies from scratch!